Q)  What is the minimum number of training days to be completed?

A) The minimum number of training days to be completed is 60 working days.


Q) How many days of training may be completed in a company?

A) The minimum number of training days at one organization is 15 working days. The total of 60 days may not be completed at a single organization. A student may work at two ore more different companies.


Q) Where can I do my training?

A) Approved practical training 60 days in industry of which 30 days in office and 30 days on site water related, environmental, transportation, geotechnical and structural engineering. Students are encouraged to do their trainings in planning, design, construction and operation of different structures such as buildings and bridges, water treatment and distribution systems, highways, ports and harbours, airports, tunnels and underground constructions, dams.  A student may train in any of the following categories of job operation: maintenance, construction, planning management, design.


Q)  How can I find a suitable organization for training?

A) Students are encouraged to find the training companies themselves. If students can not find training site, they can contact with Training Committee Head, and follow the Training Notice Board in the Department for notifications.


Q) What are the periods allowed for training?

A) Basically, you can work as a trainee in the summer and winter breaks. You are not allowed to work in the fall and spring semesters and corresponding final periods. You can work as a trainee on weekdays and Saturdays, but not on Sundays. You cannot work on religious and national holidays.


Q) Can I work as a trainee in the Summer School Period?

A) No.


Q) When is the deadline to hand the training documents in?

The deadline to hand the training reports in is one calendar month after the beginning day of the following semester.


Q) What happens if I cannot hand in until the deadline?

A) The penalty is one day reduction from the training period for each day late. Definitely no excuses will be accepted. After 7 days no documents are accepted.


Q) Where do I have to hand my documents in?

You have to hand in your documents to the Head of the Training Committee or her Assistant(s).

1. Do NOT submit your documents to someone else.

2. Do NOT submit your documents without signing the list.


Q) What are the documents to hand in?

A) You have to hand in:

1. Internship Report

2. Employer Report on Internship (must be handed to you in a sealed envelope)

3. Training Evaluation Form

4. A Report combining the theoretical and practical aspects of the work done. The report should be approximately 1000 – 2000 words, in length and should include full bibliography.


Q) What about the stamps (kaşe) and the approval signatures over the training documents?

A) Employer Report on Internship (staj sicil formu) must be signed and stamped. All the pages and the weekly programs must also be signed and stamped.


Q) Can I hand in the training certificate personally together with other documents?

A) Yes. But, it must be in a closed envelope and the envelope must be sealed at the training site.


Q) Who is the person to ask further questions?

A) You can ask questions about training to Mehmet Ülkücü. You can visit him during the office hours. 

Phone Number: (+90) (212) 359 4547

Email: mehmet.ulkucu@boun.edu.tr

Location: Engineering Building M3013