Admissions to the Turkish Universities each year are automatically based on scores obtained from the University Entrance Examination centrally administered by the Office of Student Selection and Placement (ÖSYM) established within the Ministry of the Education. For this reason, the University does not have any independent criteria and procedures regarding the selection of the entering freshmen student body. The students, therefore, are admitted to educational programs at Turkish Universities through this centrally-administered examination.

The Department of Civil Engineering in Boğaziçi University has traditionally maintained very high threshold scores for admission and on average the candidates who seek admission to the program are from the top 0.3% of more than 2 million college-bound candidates each year. Admissions are therefore highly competetive and the Program admits from amongst the top ranking candidates who apply to civil engineering departments in Turkey.

Specific regulations for admission of Turkish and international students to the program are as follows:

Turkish Students:

Those students seeking admission for the first time must take the Turkish University Entrance Examination(s) administered by the Office of Student Selection and Placement (ÖSYM). The number of students taking this exam each year reaches almost 2 million. Only those students whose names appear on the official list of ÖSYM indicating that they have been placed at Boğaziçi University can be admitted. The majority of students of the Program are admitted in this way.

Those students who have graduated fırst-ranked from their high school, are treated as belonging to a separate category, and placed in the Program by the ÖSYM accordingly. The average number of students per year admitted to the program this way is two.

The “Dikey Geçiş Sınavı”, which can be translated as the Upward Mobility Exam, is an exam for graduates of vocational schools. A very small number of exceptionally successful students are placed in the Program through this exam by the ÖSYM. Since these students have studied some subjects at their respective vocational schools prior to admission to the Program, they are treated as transfer students once they are admitted.

International Students:

International students seeking admission for the first time should satisfy the minimum requirements regarding certain aptitude tests and English proficiency. Candidates should contact the Office of International Relations regarding the qualifications, requirements and application procedures.

All Students:

i) Each year, the Department admits a number of students from other departments of Boğaziçi University, as well as from other universities both in Turkey and abroad. 

ii) All students, whether Turkish or foreign, who have been admitted to the program are required to take the Boğaziçi University English Proficiency Test. Those who pass this test can enroll in Freshman Courses. Those who fail are admitted to the School of Foreign Languages to study English for a period of up to one year. These students can continue their undergraduate studies only upon successful completion of their English preparatory year.