Two Conference Presentations by Ilgın Gökaşar

Ilgın Gökaşar’s conference paper entitled “Insights into the Impact of COVID-19 on Bicycle Usage in Colorado Counties” has been accepted for the Transportation Research Board 100th Annual Meeting which will be conducted on January 2021.

In this study, the change in the usage of bicycling – for pre- and post-pandemic periods -- using opendata sources, are investigated. Additionally, influence of the characteristics of socio-economics of the bike users, are also inspected.


Ilgın Gökaşar was a selected speaker at the “The 5th International Automotive Engineering Conference – IAEC”, about “Connected Vehicles and Smart Infrastructure” on November 12, 2020.

In that conference she focused on the impact of COVID-19 on the transportation needs of the citizens of a city and the approaches that must be prioritized in a smart city. She also mentioned the importance of connection technologies on the transportation needs of the people.