Ilgin Gokasar co-authored 12 new SCI-E journal papers

  1. (SCI-E - Q1) Deveci, M., D. Pamucar, I. Gokasar, D. Delen and L. Martínez (2022) A fuzzy Einstein-based decision support system for public transportation management at times of pandemic, Knowledge-Based Systems, Volume 252, 109414, ISSN 0950-7051, (
  2. (SCI-E - Q1) Pamucar, D., M. Deveci, I. Gokasar, M. Tavana, and M. Köppen (2022) A metaverse assessment model for sustainable transportation using ordinal priority approach and Aczel-Alsina norms, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Volume 182, 121778, ISSN 0040-1625,
  3. (SCI-E - Q1) Gokasar, I., D. Pamucar, M. Deveci, and W. Ding (2022) A novel rough numbers based extended MACBETH method for the prioritization of the connected autonomous vehicles in real-time traffic management, Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 211, 2023, 118445, ISSN 0957-4174, (
  4. (SCI-E – Q2) Deveci, M., D. Pamucar, I. Gokasar, and M. Tavana (2022) Spacecraft tracking control and synchronization: An assessment of conventional, unconventional, and combined methods, Advances in Space Research, ISSN 0273-1177, (
  5. (SCI-E - Q1) Gokasar, I., A. Timurogullari, S. S. Özkan, M. Deveci and Z. Lv (2022) MSND: Modified Standard Normal Deviate Incident Detection Algorithm for Connected Autonomous and Human-Driven Vehicles in Mixed Traffic, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2022, doi: 10.1109/TITS.2022.3190667.
  6. (SCI-E - Q1) M. Deveci, A. R. Mishra, I. Gokasar, P. Rani, D. Pamucar and E. Ozcan (2022) A Decision Support System for Assessing and Prioritizing Sustainable Urban Transportation in Metaverse, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, 2022, doi: 10.1109/TFUZZ.2022.3190613.
  7. (SCI-E - Q1) Deveci, M., D. Pamucar, I. Gokasar, M. Köppen and B. B. Gupta (2022) Personal Mobility in Metaverse with Autonomous Vehicles Using Q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Sets Based OPA-RAFSI Model, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, doi: 10.1109/TITS.2022.3186294.
  8. (SCI-E - Q1) Gokasar, I., A. Timurogullari, M. Deveci, and H. Garg (2022) SWSCAV: Real-time traffic management using connected autonomous vehicle, ISA Transactions, ISSN 0019-0578, (
  9. (SCI-E - Q1) Deveci, M., Krishankumar, R., I. Gokasar, and R.T. Deveci (2022) Prioritization of healthcare systems during pandemics using Cronbach’s measure based fuzzy WASPAS approach. Ann Oper Res,
  10. (SCI-E - Q1) Simic, V., I. Gokasar, M. Deveci, and L. Švadlenka (2022) Mitigating Climate Change Effects of Urban Transportation Using a Type-2 Neutrosophic MEREC-MARCOS Model, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.
  11. (SCI-E - Q1) Pamucar, D., Deveci, M., Stevic, Z., Gokasar, I., Işık, M. and Coffman, D.M. (2022) Green Strategies in Mobility Planning Towards Climate Change Adaption of Urban Areas Using Fuzzy 2D Algorithm, Sustainable Cities and Society.
  12. (SCI-E - Q1) Deveci, M., Pamucar, D., Gokasar, I., Pedrycz, W. and Wen, X. (2022) Autonomous Bus Operation Alternatives in Urban Areas Using Dombi-Bonferroni Operator Based Decision Making Model”, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.