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Ph.D. Civil Engineering (Transportation) Northwestern University (NU), Evanston, Illinois, (USA)  1979
M.S.  Civil Engineering (Transportation) Northwestern University (NU), Evanston, Illinois, (USA)  1970
M.Sc. Civil Engineering (Soil Mechanics) Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey 1968
B.S. Civil Engineering Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey 1967


Service on the Faculty: 



 E)                Graduate Thesis Supervision


M.S. Thesis Supervision (Recent Ones)


¨      “Development of Link-Capacity Functions for Istanbul Freeways,” Furkan Gun, BU, June 2007.

¨      Arterial Signal Coordination and Optimization: A Case Study In Istanbul, Kıvanc A. Avrenli, BU, June 2006.  (Received the Best M.Sc. dissertation award from the National Highways Association)

¨      “Calibration and Validation of Delay Models at Signalized Intersections”  V. Coskun, BU, June 2006.

¨      Roadside Safety: A Case study on Trans European Motorway,  Ö. Bayraksan, BU, January 2002.

¨      Freeway Safety:  A Case study on Trans European Motorway,  S. Güner, BU, January 2002.

¨      Development of a Highway Safety Auditing Program for Turkey,  H. Bora Keskin. BU, Jan 2001

¨      Benefits of Signal Optimization in Isolated Intersections, Mert Ozdemir,BU,  Jan. 2001.

¨      Safety of Freeway Interchanges: A case study on Route D100, Tarık Eyüboğlu,BU,  Jan. 2001.

¨      Effects of Mass Transit Vehicles on Urban Arterials,  Yeşim Aydeniz.  BU, June 2000.

¨      Intelligent Transportation Systems for Commercial Vehicle Operations: A Case Study in Turkey”,  Alper Bilgili BU, June 2000.

¨      Urban Transportation Planning: Antalya Case Study, (co-advisor), B.N. Barbarosoglu, BU, June 1999.


            Ph.D. Thesis Supervision:   


¨      Development of A Control Strategy for Urban Traffic Management System of Istanbul, O.  Can (Co-advisor), 2005  (Marmara University)

¨      Developing Behavioral Models for Driver Gap Acceptance at Priority Intersections,   

      Abu Sheikh Abdelmalek,  June 1997  (KFUPM).

¨      Effect of Signal Coordination on Intersection Safety, Khalaf Aidhah Al-Ofi, June 1994(KFUPM)..

¨      The Effects of Mode Perceptions on Intercity Mode-Choice Behavior, Mohammad Ali Al-Sughaiyer, October 1994(KFUPM)..


F)        Continuing Education (Recent Ones)


¨      Design and Safety of Interchanges:  Given for KGM Engineers, (Three hours), Istanbul, February 2008

¨      Design of Roadside Barriers and Freeway Service Roads: given for for Istanbul Municipality engineers (four hours).  January 2008.

¨      Traffic Engineering:  (40 hours)  offered for Transportation Department of Istanbul Municipality.  .  May-June 2005.

¨      Design and Safety of Freeway Interchanges:  January 25, 2002, 3 hour course given to the Engineers of the Turkish Highway Department, Istanbul.

¨      Traffic Engineering:   March 1998,  Course was given for the Istanbul Municipality  (ISBAK) and organized and mostly taught by Dr. Ergün  (6 full days).



Refereed Journals​:
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Ergün, G.  Transportation in İstanbul  in   “Two Continents Many Cultures  Gökçe, D. (editor) RLC Press, Paris,  2008.

Conference Proceedings:​

  • Barhani E. and G. Ergün,.  “Sustainable Parking Management Strategies:  Istanbul Case Study,” paper accepted for presentation at the Seventh Transportation Conference organized by the Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers, 19-21 September, 2007.
  • Ergün, G. and N. Sahin,  “Traffic Congestion Management System: İstanbul Case,”  7th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering October 11-13, 2006, conference CD, İstanbul Turkey.
  • Tezcan, S.S, G. Ergün,  “Transportation Infrastructure Proposals for Antalya,” presented at the Conference on the Civil Engineering Problems of Antalya Region,  22-24 September 2005.
  • Ergün, G. “Benefits of Road Safety Auditing,” Second Traffic Meeting,  Ankara, 21-22 October 2004.
  • Baykal, G.,  G. Ergün, A Saygılı, “ The Feasibility of the Transportation Research Centers”, Second Traffic Meeting,  Ankara, 21-22 October 2004.
  • Ergun, G.     “Road Safety Auditing: An example Application,”  Paper Accepted for        Presentation , Second Gulf Conference On Roads, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., March 14-18, 2004,.
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B)    Research and Technical Study Reports: (Recent Ones)


Ergün, G.,  I. Yasar,  ISBAK, A.S.,  “Trafic Impact Study of Zorlu Center,”  October 2007.


Ergün, G.,  I. Yasar,  ISBAK, A.S.,  “Trafic Impact Study of Bomonti Tourism and Convention Center,”  June 2007.


Ergün, G.,  K. Avrenli M. Harman and M. Pehlivan,  Procedural and Implementation Manual on Arterial Signal Coordination and Optimization,”  Final Report prepared for  a grant received from ISBAK A.S. Company of Istanbul Municipality, April 2006.


Ergün, G and N. Şahin,  “Development of Traffic Congestion Management Strategies: Strategic Plan Studies,”  Final Report prepared for a grant received from Istanbul Metropolitan Planning Bureau,  January 2005.


Ergün, G., Ö. Bayraksan,  O. Doyduk, S. Güner and Ö. Öztoprak  “Highway Safety Auditing of Izmit-Yalova Road,”  Final Report for the first phase of  the research funded by the General Directorate of Turkish Highway Department, January 2002.


Ergün, G. “Signal Optimization of Istanbul Intersections” Final Report prepared for the Study financed by the Istanbul Municipality,  September 2000.


Ergün. G. “Road Safety Auditing of  Bolu Mountain Pass” report prepared for The General Directorate of Turkish Highway Department. June 2000.


            Tezcan, S. S. ,  G. Ergün, et.al,  "Updating Transportation Planning Sudy of Antalya, 1999-2020" Volumes I and II. ,  Final report of  the study supported by Antalya Municipality,  B.U.  Structural Technology and Research Center, İstanbul,  January 1999.                 


F)        Dissertations:


            "The Effects of Personality on Recreational Travel Behavior,"  Ph.D. Dissertation, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, August, 1979.


            "Development of a Downtown Parking Model,"  M.S. Thesis, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, September 1970.


            "A Critical Study of Earth Pressure Theories with Particular Reference to Retaining Walls with Clay Backfills,"  M.Sc. Thesis, Middle East Technical University, Ankara Turkey, September 1968.



  Research and Sponsored  Studies (Recent ones)     

¨      Ergün, G. F. Gün and B. Çalışkan “Development of Link-Capacity Functions fro İstanbul”  prepared for Istanbul Metropolitan Planning  Department, under a grant from them, April 2007.

¨      Ergün G. “Sustainable Transportation: Smart and Transit Oriented Growth Alternatives” prepared for Istanbul Metropolitan Planning  Department, under a grant from them, February 2007.

¨      Ergün, G.  “Transportation Demand Management”,  A Handbook prepared for Istanbul Metropolitan Planning  Department, under a grant from them, June 2006.

¨      Ergün, G.(Principal Author), et al, “A Manual for Procedure and Implementation of Traffic Signal Coordination on Arterial Streets,”  A Document prepared for ISBAK A.S. ( The Traffic Signalization Company of Istanbul Municipality, May 2006

¨      Ergün, G. (Principal Investigator) and N. Sahin, “Development of Strategies for Transport and Congestion Management Strategies,”  January, 2006.

¨      “Feasibility Study for a Transportation Research Center”, (Co-investigator) Final Report for the second phase project prepared for the General Directorate of Turkish Highway Department, June 2003.

¨      “Highway Safety Auditing of Izmit-Yalova Road,” (Project Coordinator),  Final Report for the first phase of the project prepared  for the General Directorate of Turkish Highway Department,  January 2002.

¨      “Signal Optimization of Istanbul Intersections,”  (Project Coordinator).  Final Report Prepared for ISBAK Feb. 2001. 

¨      “Safety Auditing of Bolu Mountain Highway Pass,”  (Project Coordinator),  Report prepared for Turkish Highway Department free of charge, April 2000. 


 Taught 10 different undergraduate and 4 graduate courses.  Developed 4 of the undergraduate  and all four of the graduate courses.