Esat Selim Kocaman

Rank & Status: 

Assistant Professor, Full-time

Phone Number: 

+90(212) 359-6400


+90(212) 287-2457, +90(212) 265-8488

Ph.D. Aeronautics Imperial College, London, UK 2020
M.S. Materials Science & Engineering Sabancı University, İstanbul, Turkey 2015
B.S. Materials Science & Engineering Sabancı University, İstanbul, Turkey 2012


Service on the Faculty: 
Assistant Professor 2022 - Present 


Responsibility Location Date
Research Engineer Sabancı University, İstanbul, Turkey 2020-2021



Selected Publications:

·       Kocaman, E. S., Chen, B. Y., & Pinho, S. T. (2020). A floating connector element formulation for multi-level modelling of composite structures. Composite Structures, 251, 112532.

·       Kocaman, E. S., Chen, B. Y., & Pinho, S. T. (2019). A polymorphic element formulation towards multiscale modelling of composite structures. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 346, 359-387.

·       Kocaman, E. S., Yilmaz, C., Deniz, A., & Yildiz, M. (2018). The performance of embedded fiber Bragg grating sensors for monitoring failure modes of foam cored sandwich structures under flexural loads. Journal of Sandwich Structures & Materials, 20(5), 553-577.

·       Kocaman, E. S., Akay, E., Yilmaz, C., Turkmen, H. S., Misirlioglu, I. B., Suleman, A., & Yildiz, M. (2017). Monitoring the damage state of fiber reinforced composites using an FBG network for failure prediction. Materials, 10(1), 32.

·       Akay, E., Yilmaz, C., Kocaman, E. S., Turkmen, H. S., & Yildiz, M. (2016). Monitoring Poisson’s ratio degradation of FRP composites under fatigue loading using biaxially embedded FBG sensors. Materials, 9(9), 781.

·       Keulen, C. J., Akay, E., Melemez, F. F., Kocaman, E. S., Deniz, A., Yilmaz, C., ... & Suleman, A. (2016). Prediction of fatigue response of composite structures by monitoring the strain energy release rate with embedded fiber Bragg gratings. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 27(1), 17-27.

·       Demircan, O., Yilmaz, C., Kocaman, E. S., Tang, S., Hamada, H., & Yildiz, M. (2015). Effect of fiber densities on impact properties of biaxial warp-knitted textile composites. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 34(16), 1287-1297.

Course Code Course Title
CE 487 Composite Materials