Sustainable Coastal Development Using Soft Structures




St Francis Beach Permeable Groin Study

Samancý, A., Otay, E.N. (2004) “Design of a permeable groin against coastal erosion: St. Francis Beach, South Africa”, Paper accepted to the 17th National Conference on Civil Engineering, Turkish Society of Civil Engineers, Istanbul, April, 2004. (in Turkish)

Beach nourishment feasibility study for Bandýrma (in Turkish)

Paper submitted to the 3rd National Coastal Engineering Symposium

October 2000, Çanakkale, Turkey.

Shoreline Changes Due to Permeable Pile Groins

Paper presented at the Coastal Engineering Workshop

September 1997, Istanbul Turkey.

Beach and Profile Nourishment

Work, P.A., and Otay, E. N. (1997) “Influence of Nearshore Berm on Beach Nourishment”, Proc. Intl. Conf. On Coastal Engg, ASCE, Orlando, FL, USA, 3722-3735.

Coastal Protection Using Offshore Mounds

Otay, E. N. (1996) “Monitoring Results of a Nearshore Disposal Berm”, Proc. Coastal Dynamics ‘95, ASCE, Gdansk, Poland, 547-558.



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