Serdar Selamet

Rank & Status: 

Associate Professor, Full Time

Phone Number: 

+90(212) 359-6430


+90(212) 287-2457; +90(212) 265-8488

Ph.D. Civil and Enviromental Engineering Princeton University, NJ, USA 2011
M.S. Civil and Enviromental Engineering Princeton University, NJ, USA 2008
B.S. Civil and Enviromental Engineering Duke University, NC, USA 2006


Service on the Faculty: 
Assistant Professor 2012-2017  
Associate Professor 2017-Present  


Responsibility Location Date
Newton Visiting Faculty University of Manchester, UK 03/2016-09/2017
Visiting Scholar University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA 06/2014-09/2014
Post Doctoral Fellow Princeton University, NJ, USA 06/2011-01/2012
Research Assistant Princeton University, NJ, USA 06/2008-05/2011



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Fire Engineering

Steel Structures and Design

Steel Connections

Finite Element Method and Modelling

Multi-hazard Resilient Structures

Course Code Course Title Hours Per Week
CE 549 Structural Fire Safety: Theory and Applications 3 hrs. lecture
CE49S Fire Engineering Design 4 hrs. lecture
CE 58S Advanced Behavior and Design of Steel Structures 3 hrs. lecture
CE 245 Mechanics 4 hrs. lecture
CE 246 Strength of Materials 4 hrs. lecture
CE 356 Steel Structures 4 hrs. lecture
CE 355 Structural Analysis 4 hrs. lecture
CE 502 Introduction to Finite Elements  3 hrs. lecture



  • TUBITAK - 114M791 "Kompozit Kat Yapı Sistemlerinin Ve Çelik Bağlantıların Yangın Dayanım Deneyi" Proje Performans Ödülü (2018)
  • Newton Fellow and Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester, UK  (March 2016  - September 2017)
  • TUBITAK 2014 Award for European Union Funded FP7 Research Projects 
  • Academic Incentive Award by Boğaziçi University Foundation (BUVAK) for Academic Year 2013 
  • Visiting Scholar at University of California, Berkeley - Summer 2014 
  • Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship IIF (2013-2015) Evaluation Score: 4.99/5.0 - [Highest score achieved for research proposals in Turkey] Budget: 160,000 Euros
  • Exclusively invited to collaborate and form a research agenda for BRFL fire testing facility at NIST (2011)
  • Princeton University 1st Year Fellowship (2006-2007)
  • Princeton Civil Engineering (CEE) Graduate Prize (2006)
  • Acceptance and graduate fellowship support at Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, Columbia University, and University of Stuttgart in Germany in 2006 -- (all declined in favor for Princeton University)
  • International Honors Program at Duke University (2006)
  • Pratt Undergraduate Research Fellowship at Duke University (2005-2006)
  • Chi Epsilon (XE) National Civil Engineering Honor Society (2005)
  • Helga Wilde Bessent Scholarship for German Language and Literature (2004)
  • Delta Phi Alpha German Honor Society (2003-2006)
  • Junior Scholar at Miami University, Oxford, OH (2001)