• Company’s or authorized engineer’s signature and seal have to be placed on every pages of training book.

  • Trainee must attach his/her own photograph to first page of training book.

  • “Evaluation Form” (Employer Report on Internship) must be approved by company’s seal and signature. And it has to be submitted in an envelope which is closed and again sealed by company.

  • “Evaluation Letter” (Assessment of Internship), differently from General Report, contains positive and negative opinions of trainee about the company. This letter is in the Training Program book.

  • Training book and documents (photographs, drawings, forms, and letters) related with training must be delivered in an envelope (A4 – A3). The documents which are not submitted in envelope (with mail, late submission of some documents) certainly will not be evaluated.

  • Training diary has to be printed out or written with a pen in English.

  • Late Submissions may result with losing points. 7 and over - day delays will not be accepted.

  • Training book must be submitted to the authorized training assistant. Training book which is submitted to other assistants or secretary will not be evaluated.

  • In addition to signatures, “IMO NUMBER” and “PHONE NUMBER of ENGINEER” also must be written under the week report of training.