Remembering Mete Sözen

Please joins us as we meet to remember our distinguished colleague Mete Sözen with friends and family.

Meetings will take place at Vedat Yerlici Conference Center (VYKM) Room 1.

10:00-12:00 Professors Ayhan İrfanoğlu and Santiago Pujol, of Purdue University, meet with students.

14:00-17:00 Ayhan İrfanoğlu, Uğur Ersoy, Polat GÜlkan, Santiago Pujol, Timothy Sözen and Canan Sözen share their remembrances.

Ayhan İrfanoğlu's presentation: 'Mete Avni Sözen: An Introduction'

Uğur Ersoy's presentation 'Mete as an Educator'

Polat Gülkan's presentation 'Call me Mete: A Remembrance' and the accompanying text

Santigo Pujol's presentation 'Mete's Drift Driven Design'