Cem Avcı joins the team of experts in the Greenhouse Gas Abatement Commission for the First Turkish Climate Council

Turkey ratified the Paris Agreement in 2021 and set a 2053 Net Zero Emission and Green Development target. The First Climate Council meeting took place between 21-25 February 2022 with seven separate commissions to establish short, medium, and long-term strategies, actions, policies, and legislation. Cem Avcı was part of a team of government officials and academicians who conducted the comprehensive stakeholder engagement of the first commission (Greenhouse Gas Abatement: Energy, Industry, and Transportation Sectors) before the climate council meeting during month-long online meetings and survey assessments. The team subsequently coordinated the development of the policies during the discussions with the stakeholders at the Climate Council meeting. The industry leaders, government officials, NGOs, public institutions, and academicians' stakeholder views were debated, ultimately forming the proposed abatement policies.