Department of CE faculty search

Department of Civil Engineering at Boğaziçi University, Turkey, is  seeking to expand its junior faculty in the below given areas of  research. Candidates with a proven record of research and scholarly  activities are encouraged to send a cover letter, a statement of  educational and research interests, a resume, and the names of 3  references to until February 15, 2021 for preliminary considerations.

Materials Science & Engineering

ISPEG 2021 honors Erol Güler, speakers announced!

The International Conference on Innovative Solutions for Geotechnical Problems  will be held in Istanbul, Turkey—the birthplace of renowned geosynthetics researcher Erol Güler. You can find him these days lecturing at George Mason University in the Washington, D.C. area, but Istanbul and Boğaziçi University of course remains close to his heart and the IGS Turkish Chapter has certainly not forgotten his achievements. When ISGPEG 2020 convenes, it will be to honor Dr.

Ilgın Gökaşar is awarded a Tübitak 1001 Project on Traffıc Incident Management!

Ilgın Gökaşar is awarded a 1001 Scientific and Technological Research Funding Program grant for his project entitled “Traffic Incident Management in Uninterrupted Flows Using Connected Autonomous Vehicles” by TÜBİTAK (Project Code: 120M574).

The aim of this program is to support research in Turkey for generating new information, interpreting scientific findings, or solving technological problems on a scientific basis.

Seminar by Ilgın Gökaşar at Cities 2030: Local Sustainable Development Goals Online Training Program

 Ilgın Gökaşar gave a seminar at the “Cities 2030: Local Sustainable Development Goals Online Training Program” , about “Sustainable Transportation Planning” and “Information, Communication and Technology” on October 26, 2020.

In that seminar she focused on the importance of human-focused transportation planning on the sustainability and how to utilize new technological developments in information and communication area for sustainable transportation planning.


Upcoming Conference on “Cement – Based Materials Tailored for a Sustainable Future” organized by Nilüfer Özyurt Zihnioğlu

As the local organizing committee of CBMT2020 we have been closely following the pandemi updates throughout the world. Considering the continuing seriousness of the situation the organizing committee has sadly decided to reschedule the event. The CBMT will now take place in 2021. The exact dates will be announced in June 2020. For those who would like to attend the conference, abstract submission module is active again. Please see

İnşaat Mühendisliği'ni dereceyle bitiren lisans mezunlarımızı tebrik ederiz!

Bölüm birincisi olarak mezun olan ve inşaat mühendisi ve makina mühendisi (ÇAP) ünvanlarını alan Emirhan Doğan’ı tebrik ederiz. Mezuniyetini kutlar, yeni hayatında başarılar dileriz.

Bölüm ikincisi olarak mezun olan ve inşaat mühendisi ünvanı alan Ceren Dursun’u tebrik ederiz. Mezuniyetini kutlar, yeni hayatında başarılar dileriz.

Serdar Soyöz successfully completed an AFAD Project!

Prof Soyoz successfully completed an AFAD project entitled “Structural Health Monitoring of Tall Buildings”. Within the project framework, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) guideline was prepared for tall buildings, SHM system was installed on a tall building in Istanbul and an in-house software was developed (SHM software was developed with PhD student Emre Aytulun).

Cem Avcı leading TÜBİTAK MAM Sponsored Project!

Cem Avcı is working as Project Leader for Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) MAM Environment and Cleaner Production Institute sponsored Project  entitled “Modelling  Impact Assessment of Remedial Actions on Water Quality in Nitrate Sensitive Watersheds: Burdur, Kuzey Ege, Meriç-Ergene, Doğu Akdeniz, Batı Akdeniz, Antalya, Marmara, Konya Kapalı and Akarçay”.  Project is conducted on behalf of T.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to assess Good Agriculture Implementation By-Law

EBRD Training Course Delivered Successfully by Cem Avcı

Prof. Cem Avcı was part of the training team who undertook 4 day training session conducted for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in October 30th -November 2nd 2019. The training was aimed at improving the understanding and managing social risk in Projects and acquiring knowledge and developing practical skills in the implementation of EBRD Requirements. The attendees included Public and Private Sector Employees, Social Impact Experts, Health & Safety Experts, Environmental Management Experts, Investment Advisors.