Gülay Altay

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Phone Number: 

+90(212) 359-6424


+90(212) 287-2457, +90(212) 265-8488


Ph.D.Structures Istanbul Technical University 1977

M.S.Structures Istanbul Technical University 1971

B.S.Civil Engineering Istanbul Technical University 1970

Service on the Faculty: 


Associate Professor1985-1988

Original Appointment1985


Responsibility Location Date

Research Professor The George Washington University 1987-1988

Associate Professor Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul 1982-1985

Research Associate Lehigh University, Bethlehem, USA 1981-1982

Assistant Professor Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul 1977-1981


Journal Publications

Smyth, A.W., Altay G.A., Deodatis, G., et.al., " Probabilistic Benefit-Cost Analysis For Earthquake Damage Mitigation: Evaluating Measures for Apartment Houses in Turkey" to appear in Earthquake Spectra, 2003.

Altay G.A., Dökmeci, M.C., "Some comments on the higher order theories of piezoelectric, piezothermoelastic and thermopiezoelectric rods and shells" to appear in Int. J. Solids and Struct., 2003.

Bayer, I., Güven, U., Altay, G.A., "A parametric study on vibrating clamped elliptical plates with variable thickness" J. Sound. Vib. 254 (1):179-188, 2002.

Altay G.A.,Dökmeci, M.C., " A non-linear rod theory for high-frequency vibrations of thermopiezoelectric materials" Int. J. Nonlinear Mech. 37 (2): 225-243, 2002.

Altay G.A., Dökmeci, M.C., " Electroelastic plate equations for high-frequency vibrations of thermopiezoelectric materials" Thin. Wall. Struct.39 (1): 95-109 SI, 2001.

Conference Proceedings

Altay G.A.,Kılıç S.A.,Yemez,K., "A Strengthening/Repair Technique and Modeling of R/C Joints for Seismic Resistance" COST-C1 Proceedings of the International Conference in Liege, 1998.


Turkish Chamber of Civil Engineers (1972)

Structural Stability Research Council (1981)

Fritz Engineering Society (1981)

IABSE (1994)

Turkish Steel Construction Association (1992)

Turkish Bridge and Construction Association (1992)


Course CodeCourse TitleHours per Week

CE 454Steel Structures2 hrs. lecture + 2 hrs. recitation

CE 550Structural Design3 hrs. lecture

CE 352Structural Analysis II4 hrs. lecture + 1 hr. recitation

CE 583Special Topics3 hrs. lecture